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Open the cage, liberate the hen; end the cruelty, end the war; revive, revive.


Emancipating ourselves by preserving life on this planet: if this is what we are dedicated to, then let us stop the killing.


Still falling, covering the ground; already organic matter, already digested by worms; teaching us to love, keeping us alive.


More air pollution, contaminated groundwater, and soil destruction; this is not surprising, but not what we need; enough is enough.


Global supply chains, global value chains; chains of lifelong exploitation, chains of systemic destruction; chains of full-blown liberation.


Now we can finally revive the revolution; ending racism, ending violence, ending oppression; now we can begin to breathe.


Coal, oil, tar sands, fossil gas, fracking, deepwater drilling, open-pit mining, unconventional ways of raping the Earth; stop killing us.


Shifting goals, shifting strategy; human responsibility to be shared; revolts, struggles, energy; from below, from the sun, from living systems; moving beyond capitalism; what had to be done, was finally clear.


Capitalist food production and a new virus; destroyed habitats and a human host; upside down, inside out; locking down and holding out; death and suffering; profit and inequality; business as usual.


Airbags, safety belts, affordable cars. How much do they cost? Impervious surfaces and pollution, destroyed habitats. Where do the roads end? Where life ends: death cages, death cages, death cages abound. Where are the species?


Now we know that we must heal the ecological rifts, that we depend on you; time for rebellion and time for struggle, high time for revolution; in solidarity with you, a planet somewhere in this galaxy.


Rebels; lifelong creators; radical individuals; social revolutionaries; united emancipators; associated democrats; ecological producers; communalist human beings.