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Water in motion; rising, falling, flowing, circulating, changing form; giving hope.


Means of production; means of consumption; means of computation. Who controls the means?


Crush the shell, liberate the truth; end the doublespeak, end the irrationality.


If fascism starts with trimmed lawns and repeated lies, anti-fascism must be about spreading seeds of wildflowers and about telling the truth.


We meet them almost everywhere: products that distract; products that disrupt; products that destroy; made in a capitalist society.


We are strangers in a strange place: zeros and ones that distract us, keep us all awake; trackers that follow our movements wherever we go; digital assets of private companies; advertising that reveals what we are.


If violence is a means of organizing society and reproducing structural inequality, anti-violence must be about blocking every attempt to coerce, every attempt to normalize.


Hiding, deceiving, harassing, mismanaging, and also supporting white supremacy; a liar becoming far too powerful.


Indeed, they are very rich men and do what they please; yesterday, they bought the world; stop.