Days and Decades

Earth United Day

, , is a day of social and ecological reimagination, an antidote to the hegemony of capital, and a recurrent opportunity to unite the struggles for a sustainable future. Serving as a means for radical change, it is also a starting point for shared love and curiosity, for mutual respect and responsibility.

Earth United Day is rooted in the following principles: only a self-reflective society can anticipate and solve ecological crises; only a slow society, that is, one that has a sufficiently slow metabolic interaction with nature, can protect the biological and cultural diversity of the Earth; only a society with a critical view on technology can control its use of technology and, more specifically, facilitate the adoption of appropriate technology; only a society that reconnects us with nature is worth struggling for; and only a society that celebrates the virtues of slowness will allow us to remain connected with nature, from birth to death.

Earth United Day is an opportunity to: reflect; reimagine; take a walk; tend a garden; make love; share our food; share our experiences; and reorganize our communities.